Screw barrel working principle and advantages

Basic working principle:

The working principle of the screw barrel is that when the screw barrel is working, the liquid is sucked into the sealed space enclosed by the screw thread and the pump shell. When the active screw rotates, the screw barrel sealing volume increases the screw barrel pressure under the compression of the screw teeth. And move in the axial direction. Since the screw is rotating at a constant speed, the flow out of the liquid is also uniform.

The characteristics of the screw barrel are: small loss of the barrel, good economic performance, high pressure and uniformity, uniform flow, high speed, and the prime mover can directly connect the screw pump can transport the oil, transport fuel, transport all kinds of oils and polymers For the delivery of viscous liquids.

Delivery of high-viscosity media: According to the size of the pump, it is possible to transfer media with viscosity from centipoise containing particles or fibers:. The particle diameter can be 30mm (not more than the eccentricity of the rotor). The fiber length can be 350mm. (The equivalent of 0.4 rotor is usually up to 40% of the volume of the media pit. If the solid in the medium is a fine powder, the maximum content can be Up to 60% or more can also be transported.Requires a stable delivery pressure, and the inherent structure of the medium is not damaged.

Product Features Advantages

From the above working principle, it can be seen that the screw barrel has the following advantages:

1) Wide pressure and flow range. The pressure is about 3.4-340 kgf/cm2 and the flow rate can reach 100 cm3/min;

2) Wide range of types and viscosities of liquids to be transported;

3) Because the inertial force of the rotating parts in the pump is low, high speed can be used;

4) Good suction performance, self-priming ability;

5) Flow is even and continuous, vibration is small, and noise is low;

6) Less sensitive to incoming gases and contaminants than other rotary pumps;

7) Solid structure, easy installation and maintenance.