Common fault analysis of electric heater

Electric heater fails during operation, to be carried out with maximum speed and its fault checking, analysis and processing, or it will affect the temperature and activity, affect the aggregated product quality. Below I will briefly explain some common troubleshooting methods.

Fault processing method:

Use a multimeter to measure the main circuit power supply is normal, check whether the higher power is sent out.

Open pressure regulating module checks whether the module circuit board properly, replace the pressure module and replace the fuse.

Relay coil DC voltage using a multimeter test is direct current, if there are no instructions emergency stop closing point is not closed, notice instrument combined with check.

When a fault alarm relay action, failure warning light as well as sound the alarm if overheating temperature controller overheating alarm should stop investing and electric heater for temperature down after use, and further inspection-related equipment. If voltage regulation module internal fault alarm, General electronic components burn out, as soon as possible to find the same type of pressure regulating module spare parts replacement to ensure production needs. If the medium temperature measuring device failure alarm, you should check the replacement temperature probe.

When the module is not accepted to control voltage signal, you should use special clamp ammeter for measuring current signal measured, or removal of any one on the surge module line, put the multimeter in the current series between these two lines, see if there are electrical signals sent over, if you do not notify the instrument engineers cooperative.

Ontology into three-phase power line removed the electric heater, electric heater insulation resistance measurement is normal the shake table, use multimeter to measure resistance within the electric heater is balanced. If resistance is balanced so that electric heaters could not break.