Disassembly sequence of screw

Date:Mar 23, 2020

Use special tools when disassembling the screw. Do not strike with a hammer. The specific disassembly steps are as follows.

① Remove the nozzle and the connection between the nozzle and the barrel.

② Separate the key connection at the rear of the screw from the drive shaft.

③ Remove the connecting flange and move the screw forward.

④ When the screw head is exposed from the barrel, immediately remove the screw head connection thread (note: most of the threads here are left-handed).

⑤ Remove the check ring and seal ring from the screw.

⑥ The removed nozzle, check ring, seal ring and screw should be immediately cleaned with copper brushes and shovel tools. Specially difficult to clean sticky materials should be heated in an oven at the lowest temperature that can soften the material, and then the remaining material should be removed.

⑦ Assemble the parts on the screw together, and molybdenum disulfide heat-resistant grease should be applied to each threaded connection to facilitate the next disassembly.

⑧ After cleaning the surface of the unused screw, apply protective oil, wrap it, and hang it in a safe place.

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