Do you know the function of extruder screw?

Screw in the barrel is rotating at high temperature and high pressure under large torque, because it will be in the rotation of the material at the same time, a strong push forward, it must withstand erosion strong friction and plastic decomposition of corrosive gases, so the extruder materials must have high mechanical strength, performance the torsion and deformation conditions of high temperature and high pressure under a huge bear.

The extruder in the spinning process, mainly by screw spindle of plastic shearing plasticizing, and push the plastic forward, so screw shuttle under great shear stress and friction due to long-term work under harsh conditions, screw spindle wear, smaller gap with the barrel increases, resulting in the decrease of the amount of plastic extrusion, produce plastic reflux serious, plasticizing effect is reduced, and the grain capacity serious decline.

The process of melt extrusion is that the pre mixed material enters the extruder barrel from the feed port, and the first segment of the barrel is the feeding section, and the material will not melt at this stage. With the extruder screw drive, the material is brought into the compression stage, this stage heating stage, the material began to melt, increase the friction between the materials, the formation of high viscosity, high shear to enter with the extruder screw transmission stage three homogeneous section, making it very effective separation of pigment aggregates, achieve full the purpose of dispersion.

At present, the extrusion equipment used in powder coating used in  Bimetallic Extruder Screw, single screw extruder and star type extruder screw extrusion, although the type of extruder, the internal structure is different, but the purpose is the same, even if the maximum material is evenly dispersed.