Electric heater fire

Date:Oct 24, 2016

Electric heater was working and living in the use of a device, such as furnaces, electric iron, electric irons, electric heaters, electric ovens are of the electric heating equipment.

Electric heater is made from Nickel-chromium alloy resistance wire, temperature up to 800 ° c or more. As the power of the heater is bigger, if users ignoring safety, fires can happen at any time.

Electric heater fires occur because: one is to power up electric heater on a combustible or placed in the vicinity of inflammable materials, fire in a high temperature baking for a long time. Second, electric heaters are not installed the plug, wires directly into the socket, thus easy to cause a short circuit and fire. Third, users leave the heater plug is not removed, for too long, resulting in overheated electric heater, adjacent combustible materials ignite and cause fire. Four wire resistance many times repaired and continue to use, can cause circuit overload and cause a fire.

Therefore, when using inflammable and explosive materials should not be placed close to the heater, you must maintain a safe distance. Electric heater must be placed not on thermal conductivity of non-combustible material base; security closure of electric heater wire electric heater capacity requirements that must be met, industrial electricity heater under any and all circumstances to separate circuits. Wire plug must be installed, thread may not be plugged directly into outlet aging electric heater wire breakage should be replaced, fuse electric heaters are not installed in the circuit shall not be used; electric heaters must be used with care, leave should pull the plug, in use, in case of power outages, but also should be the plug out, don't forget. For multiple repair wire resistance, the best is no longer in use, you should replace the new resistance wire. Inflammable and explosive materials is strictly prohibited for electrical heating dryer; electric oven temperature control device must ensure that the temperature is too high, preventing long baking time.

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