Exhaust injection molding machine screw speed

In the case of exhaust injection molding, the difference between the vented injection rod and the extruder screw and the ordinary needle bar should be considered:


1. When the exhaust injection rod is plasticizing the material, the relative orientation of the rod and the machine is constantly changing; the exhaust injection rod is not a continuous operation, and the plasticization and injection process alternate.


2. When the metering of the exhaust injection rod is not accurate, it will cause the phenomenon of the explosion of the exhaust port. Therefore, the speed of the rod should be reasonably selected. Generally, it should be selected to ensure the minimum speed of the child, and it is consistent with the required production cycle. In order to supply a longer exhaust time for the material.


3. If the injection molding machine is equipped with metering and feeding equipment, the higher speed should be used, which can obtain higher plasticizing power and can supply larger traction activities to offset the reverse active pressure of the molten material and avoid materials. Reflux to the exhaust zone and reduce the degree of filling in the exhaust zone to enhance exhaust.