How does the water stop screw stop water

Date:Mar 10, 2021

The water stop screw has two functions: the function is to fix the template and prevent the concrete storm. The other function is to have the function of waterproof and water stop. We mainly understand how the water stop screw stops water, the water stop screw is different from the pull bolt. The middle of the water stop screw is welded with a water stop, and the welded water stop is waterproof.

The water stop screw is used in the wall to stop the water. If the water in the face of large water conditions, the water in the wall will penetrate into the gap a little bit. After we interspersed a water stop screw in the inner wall, when the water penetrated into the middle of the inner wall, we encountered the water stop and was blocked. Because the function of the water stop is to prevent water from penetrating the past, thereby changing the water penetration path, so the water cannot penetrate the wall, it has the function of stopping water.


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