How to deal with electric heater fault

Electric heater is a more popular liquid heating equipment, could in a relatively short period of time the liquid heating, the heating process if not handled properly, will encounter many faults, reduce the service life of the electric heater, electric heater breakdowns?

Used for a period of time cannot be heated by electric heaters may appear, this is probably because electrical heaters inside the heating wire broken, treatment is broken thread or on a new line, another line is loose may be causing poor contact, so you can carry the line. In the electric heater electric heating pipe burst, heating pipe needs to be replaced. Electric heater leakage is a common condition, first to see where the leakage point, if it is heating pipe leakage, Oven Roast can, if the insulation is still not very good, if leakage still occurs, replace the heating pipe. Junction boxes into the water or the wire insulation damage also leakage phenomenon, blow dry, use electrical tape wrapped around broken.

Electric heater after a failure to identify and solve problems in a timely manner is important, using electric heaters after the process you encounter problems should be properly handled, to prevent personal injury.