Installation and disassembly of the screw of conical twin screw extruder.

Date:Jul 16, 2020

       When installing the screw, turn the barrel of the extruder to the side, push down the screw 1 (right turn) and screw 2 (left turn) at the same time, then turn the barrel to the working position tightly and turn it slightly Screw, so that the position of the screw spline is consistent with the spline on the drive shaft and concentric, put the coupling in and fix it. After disassembling the screw, after basically emptying the material in the machine, cut off the power supply, remove the head and the head connection body, open the air inlet valve at the front of the fuselage, the right side of the hand wheel, make the barrel support the lower end to inflate, then Retract the coupling sleeve and the spline of the screw, open the fastening device, turn the handwheel to move the barrel forward to a certain position, turn the extruder barrel to the side, hit the screw with a copper rod at the front of the barrel, and remove the screw .

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