Installation precautions for bimetallic barrel screws

The bimetallic barrel screw is an important part of the injection molding machine. Its function is to transport, compact, melt, stir and pressure the plastic. All of this is done by the rotation of the screw in the barrel. The general specification installation ensures the premise of normal use in the future. What are the attention problems when installing the bimetallic barrel screw?

1. Confirmation of the screw type of the bimetal barrel;

2. Install the screw head to confirm that the front and rear end faces of the back ring are matched with the screw fitting end face. Thoroughly clean the threaded part of the plastic screw and add heat-resistant grease;

3. Evenly apply high temperature anti-corrosion cream to the thread of the bolt and the rib surface of the screw head to prevent it from being screwed out in the future;

4. Note that the screw head tightening direction is counterclockwise;

5. Pay attention to the fact that when the screw is loaded into the barrel, the anti-reverse ring should be held by hand and pushed gently to prevent the reverse ring from hanging to the end of the barrel;

6. When lifting the screw barrel and inserting the screw keyway into the drive shaft of the injection seat, if the screw of the bimetal barrel is difficult to put into the drive shaft, do not force it in. The screw or rotary drive shaft should be turned and loaded a little bit.

7. The front flange and the barrel screw must be symmetrical and evenly tightened;

8. The screw must be a high-quality bolt with a strength class of 12.9, and the thread surface of the bolt should be coated with a high-temperature anti-corrosion paste;

9. The screw barrel cooling system of the injection molding machine should be cleaned up to ensure smoothness. Be sure to use the raw tape correctly and wrap it around the process plug.