Introduction of rubber screw barrel products

Date:Sep 12, 2017

Rubber machine screw barrel, the barrel is also known as the barrel, series of products made of metal materials such as: 38CrMoALA (JISSACM645), CW6Mo5Cr4V2, 9Cr18MoV and other metal materials made by heat treatment, the nitriding treatment, hard chromium plating layer, high-frequency quenching, spraying corrosion resistance, wear resistant double metal layer, vacuum materials processing.

rubber screw barrel

The screw barrel is subjected to high temperature and high pressure during the manufacturing process. At the same time by mechanical scraping (especially when glass fiber is filled with material). Some plastics also have chemical corrosive effects. The working temperature of the cylinder sometimes reaches 400 degrees C, high temperature and 29.4-49MPa pressure, and even the pressure is as high as 68.65-78.45MPa. The cylinder can work well under these conditions and requires its mechanical properties to meet the requirements. Screw manufacturing, rubber extruder screw, the inner surface of the cylinder was scraped. The gap between the machine and the machine is continuously increased, and the working performance of the barrel is shaped. Some of the more corrosive plastic, such as two vinyl chloride, in the processing time, the cylinder has a great corrosive effect. Processing plastic containing filler causes the machine to wear more seriously. Especially in the processing of glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 (nylon 66), the wear is very serious.

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