Is the water stop screw used in the construction site divided into thick chips filament?

Date:Feb 02, 2021
Water stop screw is commonly used in building construction, such as Villa basement, sewage treatment station, box culvert, underground integrated pipe gallery and other underground projects, and is the basic decorative building materials commonly used in building construction, different from the technical standards of the construction site, the silk tooth regulations are also different. Is the water stop screw good for coarse teeth or fine teeth?

Common water stop screws are all coarse teeth. Due to the convenience of coarse teeth passing through the wire, you can immediately put the disconnected garden steel into the threading machine, however, the screw of fine tooth extruder is too difficult to produce and process the whole thread, and only the multi-head blype water stop screw can be made. When passing the thread, a blype of a section must be passed first, and the other end must be passed, therefore, the production and processing steps of blype water stop screw are more relative in the manufacturing process. At the price level, due to the difference between blype and thick chips thread grinding tools, blype takes about two to three times more than thick chips, and the manufacturing process is not thick chips complicated, therefore, the price of multi-head blype water stop screw is a little higher.

At the application level of the construction site, the multi-head blype water stop screw wire distance is small, and the structural reinforcement is relatively stable. However, the disassembly speed is relatively slow when the harness cord is disassembled and assembled, which endangers the working efficiency of workers, however, the disassembly speed of the thick chips water stop screw is faster, and the disassembly Square changes. Comprehensive, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. Most construction sites choose harness cord coarse teeth water stop screw, which is cost-effective and convenient to disassemble and assemble.


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