Parallel twin screw barrel

Date:Dec 30, 2019

Screw diameter: φ45-φ200 (according to customer needs)

Aspect ratio: 16-35

Screw compression ratio can be designed according to different products and formulas

Technical indicators:

Quenched and tempered hardness: HB280-320

Nitriding hardness: 950-1100HV

Nitriding depth: 0.50-0.80mm

Nitriding brittleness: ≤ 2 grade

Surface oxide: Ra0.4μm

Screw straightness: 0.015mm / m

Alloy layer hardness: HRC60-72

Alloy layer depth: ≥3mm

Hardness of surface chrome plating layer after nitriding: ≥950HV

Chrome plating thickness: 0.025 ~ 0.10mm

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