Screw Air Compressor small medium large maintenance content

Date:Dec 18, 2020

1. Minor repair is mainly to eliminate individual defects and replacement of compressor (including individual parts), such as cleaning precision filters to replace valves and lubricating oil, and checking whether there are any abnormal phenomena in the operation of safety valve, pressure gauge and equipment.

2. The general unit of the middle repair is operated for 3000-6000H once. This process mainly involves the disassembly of the oil and gas barrel of the Screw Air Compressor. The cleaning and replacement of the oil filter is followed by checking the rotor wear, adjusting the thermal control valve, pressure sustaining valve, ensure the normal operation of the unit.

3. The overhaul content is relatively easy to operate. It is recommended that the specialist operate to reduce the loss during the operation. The content mainly includes: the adjustment of the clearance between the yin and yang rotor of the main engine, the replacement of the rotor drive bearing of the main engine, the adjustment of the main gear box, the auxiliary drive bearing the radial precision clearance of the main rotor of the main engine is within the allowable range, change the main engine rotor mechanical seal, oil seal; Check whether the main and auxiliary gears are worn, and deal with the wear in time. Secondly, check whether the coupling and elastomer are damaged.


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