Selection of screw barrel type in injection molding plant

Plastic in the modified time, will add some glass fiber, filling material, etc., screw damage, what way to deal with screw, barrel better?

Nitriding screw barrel; double alloy barrel screw; stainless steel screw; alloy steel screw barrel material selected superior 38CrMoALA; high quality SKD11; high quality SACM645 and other high-quality materials; after quenching and tempering, molding. The surface can be nitrided, plated hard, spray welded hard alloy and other processes. The product has the advantages of high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life

Twin screw alloy materials of high quality SACM645 alloy steel as base material, welding thread top imported double metal layer; double metal cylinder adopts 38CrMoALA as the substrate, after quenching and tempering; cylinder bore centrifugal casting of double metal alloy, Twin screw barrel: with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high pressure resistance, suitable for and lens, a transparent shell, cosmetics container type, transparent acrylic, nylon, PVC, PC, PPA, PPO, PPS, PA6T, LCP, ABS, PC fire bakelite, glass fiber, glass fiber, nylon powder, ceramic powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, electric injection molding machine, can also be customized according to user design product requirements.