Talking about the role of extruder screw

Advantages of the extruder screw

The material of the extruder screw must have high mechanical strength, can withstand large torques and have the property of not deforming under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

The reason is: the rotation of the extruder screw in the barrel is carried out under high temperature, high pressure and high torque. Because it strongly pushes the material forward during the rotation, it also has to withstand strong friction and plastic decomposition corrosion. Gas erosion, so the extruder screw must have these advantages.

Common problems with extruder screws

During the rotation of the extruder screw, the plastic is mainly sheared and plasticized by the screw edge, and the plastic is pushed forward, so that the screw edge will bear huge shear stress and friction.

Due to the long-term operation under severe conditions, the ribs are worn, the ribs become smaller, and the gap with the barrel increases, which leads to a decrease in the amount of plastic extrusion. In severe cases, plastic reflow occurs, and the plasticizing effect is reduced, and crystal grains appear. And the phenomenon of severe decline in production capacity.

Briefly introduce the process of melt extrusion

The process of melt extrusion is to feed the premixed material from the feeding port into the extruder barrel through the first section of the barrel as the feeding section. The material will not melt at this stage, but will be driven by the screw of the extruder; The second stage is the compression section. The stage is the heating stage, the material begins to melt, and the friction between the materials increases to form a high-viscosity. The third section that continues to drive with the screw of the extruder into the high shear is the homogenization section. This stage makes it very effective in separating pigment aggregates for the purpose of full dispersion.

The quality of the extruder directly determines the degree of dispersion of the material.

At present, the extruder equipment used in powder coatings is a twin extruder screw extruder, a single extruder screw extruder and a star extruder screw extruder, etc., although the type of extruder, The internal construction is different, but the design is consistent, that is, to maximize the uniform dispersion of the material.