Tank heater works

Tank heater works:

1, the "heat exchanger with vortex hot film" radial tanks into the bottom of the oil tank, heating medium (steam) tubes, Cheng Neide pipe flow of oil from shell, Shell Oil suction directly connecting the tank the media.

2, in the heat exchanger steam temperature control valve entrance through temperature-sensing probes on the export of oil temperature detection to control the amount of steam inlet of the heat exchanger steam inlet, so as to ensure constant oil temperature.

Heat exchanger used efficient for hot components--Eddy hot film tube, keep oil in tube between reasonable flow, efficiency is General heat exchanger of 3-5 times, its strengthened heat transfer mechanism is: oil fluid in both inside and outside surface flow Shi design into turbulent flow flow, produced strongly of shocks and scour role, flow of direction constantly change, is close tube wall surface of high temperature oil fluid constantly replaced, insulation layer variable thin and damage, metal surface heat passed speed up, fluid micro Eddy strengthening, makes oil fluid internal hot diffusion strengthened. Not close to the fluid to produce high temperature on the surface of the pipe wall from overheating, so the oil could be appropriate, coking in the heat and in the absence of full decomposition possible. Good heat transfer without great resistance.