Twin-screw pump maintenance points

Date:Apr 01, 2021

1. Maintenance of oil

Twin-screw pump after assembly, the engine oil has been injected into the gear box, usually No. 20 engine oil. After installation, it is used for testing and added above the center of the oil window, pay attention to the storage capacity of the oil level of the oil window after running at twin-screw pump. When the oil quantity becomes less, it needs to be added in time. Replace the oil in the gear box every once in a while to ensure its clean-type.

2. Maintenance during operation

a. Pay attention to twin-screw pump vulnerable parts, such as the use of mechanical seals and bearings. If leakage or abnormal bearing sound is found, prepare new spare parts for replacement.

b. Check whether the inlet and outlet valves of the twin-screw pump pipeline can be used normally to prevent the pressure caused by valve blockage from exceeding the design pressure of the pump group.

c. Use twin-screw pump for a period of time, check whether the fixing bolts are fastened, and tighten them if they are loose.

3. Maintenance after use

a. twin-screw pump is disabled, cut off the power supply and turn off valves such as the safety valve of the pipeline.

b. Clear the liquid to prevent the liquid from freezing in cold weather and damaging the pump chamber.

c. For high viscosity materials, clean them after twin-screw pump is not used to prevent mucus from sticking the running parts of the pump.


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