Types and functions of water stop screw

Date:Feb 02, 2021

Types and functions of water stop screw: water stop screw is divided into old water stop screw, middle tooth water stop screw, harness cord water stop screw, new water stop screw, the main function of the water stop screw is to ensure that the thickness of the wall is not affected when disturbed. Because break-through wall table, the function of adding water stop sheet and water stop sheet is to block the infiltration of leakage water from the inside or the side. The water stop screw is made of raw materials at the bottom. It is necessary to be very cautious when selecting the water stop screw. In the process of using the water stop screw, the importance of practice is that customers usually prefer the water stop screw of the middle tooth, the new type of water stop screw, because the middle teeth water stop screw belongs to t3 teeth, and has good firm function. It is not easy to slide teeth and can be used quickly on the construction site, and it will not cause the occurrence of violent mold, therefore, the supply of water stop screw for middle teeth is very good. The new water stop screw is three-stage, and its advantage is that the outer rod and connecting nut can be recycled. The inner Rod will be used in the wall. Its screw thread is t3 Middle tooth, which combines the advantages of old-fashioned water stop screw and middle-tooth water stop screw.


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