What electric heater advantage

1, the air is heated to very high temperatures, up to 450 deg c, shell temperature only around 50 ℃.

2, high efficiency: up to 0.9 per cent.

3, temperature and cooling rate, up to 10 c/s, fast adjustment and stability. Does not appear to control air temperature ahead of choppy and hysteresis temperature control, it is suitable for automation.

4, good mechanical properties: because it's the body is special alloy material, so under the impact of high pressure air flow, its mechanical properties and strength than any heating element is good, that needs to be continued for a long time about air heating systems and accessories test has more advantages.

5, durable, in strict compliance with the practice for use cases, life is more than 10 years.

6, air cleaner, environmentally friendly.

7, according to user's actual needs, design, custom type air electrical heater.