What is a plastic injection screw? What are the characteristics of the screw?

Date:Oct 12, 2019

The application of plastic products is closely related to our lives. Injection molding and extrusion molding are currently processing the most economical and energy-efficient processing methods. Among them, the most important key components of plastic plasticizing screws have different physical properties for different plastics, which makes the design of plastic plasticizing screws different. For the design of plastic plasticizing screws, the use of empirical rules has always been costly and does not necessarily solve the problem. Therefore, some details on the design of plastic plasticizing screws are worthy of discussion and analysis.


The plasticizing screw can be divided into four zones according to its function:

1, solid transport area

2. Melting delay zone

3. Solid solution zone

4, the melt transfer area

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