What is the reason why the oil barrel of the Screw Air Compressor enters the water?

Date:Apr 01, 2021

1. According to the requirements, The Screw Air Compressor needs to set z low running time to prevent the formation of condensed water, because the condensed water will cause the cylinder valve plate, rack parts and other Rust. The accumulation of condensate in crankcase may cause oil level reading errors. Water and oil cannot be mixed, and their co-existence causes rapid deterioration of oil. The minimum operating time is generally not less than 10min, which should be enough to cause the Screw Air Compressor to heat the moisture condensed by gasification.

2. The outlet pipelines of the Screw Air Compressor are all equipped with check valves. The high temperature and high pressure wet air is discharged through the exhaust valve of the Screw Air Compressor, and some oil and water components are still entrained after passing through the afterstage cooler. Although the secondary and tertiary intercooler and the final cooler of the Screw Air Compressor are equipped with gas-water separator, which is used to separate the moisture generated during the compression process, the actual operation effect is not ideal. Due to the long shutdown time of the Screw Air Compressor, the moisture generated by the exhaust gas collects around the pipeline and the check valve, causing the moisture to return to the inside of the chassis, and the moisture content of the lubricating oil gradually increases, causing the Screw Air Compressor Oil level to alarm and failure shutdown.

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