Why electric heaters on the market the price gap is so big

Prices there are such big differences in the electric heater for the following reasons:

1.electric heating tube size: number of electrical tubular heating elements affecting the life of the heater and heating efficiency, more the more expensive electric heating tube. For example: I now need will 1 t of water 2 hours within heating to 80 ℃, this need 55KW of flange type electric heater, I company making of electric heater needed 15 root electric heating tube, surface load for 7W, and related units electric heating tube distribution 9 root, surface load reached 11W, electric heating tube number reduced, cost reduced, eventually products price reduced, but, electric heating tube of surface load more high electric heating tube using life more short, more easy damaged.

2.production: due to the different production processes, product quality has deteriorated, producing high-quality qualified products must have good production.

3.service: service is the most important, good and when there is a fault, manufacturers of after-sales service responsiveness and time, can do service this one is the most critical. Good after-sales service to ensure that customers ease of use.

Enterprises are run for profit, products offer low product quality problems will arise, this production will bring security risks.