Basic Specification For Twin Screw Barrel Operation

  Basic specification for Twin Screw Barrel operation

  1, driving operation

  1.1 preheat heating: the total power switch and each section of the electric heater power switch on, according to the process of the heating zone (120 degrees) to set the parameters, began to heat up.

  1.2 After the heating temperature reaches the set value, continue to thermostat 30 ~ 45 minutes, (because the temperature from the cylinder to the screw need a process, so it still takes a long time) at the same time to further test the temperature control instruments and electromagnetic The accuracy of the valve work.

  1.3 Hand-held flexible coupling to determine the normal, double-screw mandrel and gear box linked metal sleeve to check whether the direction of the gear box has been sliding (if too much sliding, it is likely that the case of high torque, damage to the mandrel The head of the joint, generally for some of the domestic twin-screw manufacturers) can be prepared to start the main motor, close the power switch, auxiliary power switch and start button, the host speed settings, and gradually increase the main screw speed, idling speed is not higher than 40r / Min, no more than two minutes.

  1.4 host idling If there is no exception, you can press the feeder start button, adjust the feed speed set to start as low as possible to start feeding. The material is discharged and then slowly raise the feed screw speed and the main screw speed, so that the feeder and the host speed to match the adjustment at any time close attention to the host current instructions, so that the host current does not exceed the rated current, Operation, if abnormal, should be timely parking treatment.

  1.5 In order to avoid the material high shear mixing overheating, each cylinder is equipped with soft water circulation cooling system. Each cylinder is controlled by solenoid valve and temperature control instrument. Driving start stage, the cooling system does not need to open, after running, observe the temperature rise of each section of the host, as the case determines the use of cooling system. After the water is determined, it is generally not necessary to adjust in normal operation. Cooling valve adjustment is not too large, too large, there may be too much temperature, heating time and time.