Comparison And Application Of Single Screw Barrel And Twin Screw Barrel Extrusion

  Comparison and Application of Single Screw Barrel and Twin Screw Barrel Extrusion

  Single Screw Barrel extruder is mainly used for extruding soft, hard polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other thermoplastic, can be processed a variety of plastic products, such as blown film, squeeze pipe, platen, ribbon, etc., can also be used for melt granulation. Plastic extruder design advanced, high quality, good plastic, low energy consumption, the use of involute gear drive, with low noise, smooth operation, bearing capacity, long life and other characteristics.

  The auxiliary equipment of the twin-Screw Barrel extruder mainly includes a feeder device, a straightening device, a preheating device, a cooling device, a traction device, a meter, a spark testing machine and a take-up device. The use of the extrusion unit is different from its optional auxiliary equipment is not the same, as there are cutters, blowers, printing devices.

  In the manufacture of thermosetting powder coatings, single Screw Barrel extruders and twin Screw Barrel extruders are the most commonly used equipment. Because these two devices have their own characteristics, so are widely used. Single Screw Barrel extruder and twin Screw Barrel extruder are shown in the table.

  In addition, according to my many years of experience, single Screw Barrel extruder suitable for texture powder, such as the same formula in the wrinkles, hammer, pattern, the stripe was significantly higher than the double Screw Barrel to the legislation, to be strong, Pattern, the sanding agent should be relatively less a lot, greatly saving the cost of production, but do flat powder than the double-Screw Barrel dispersion, each has its advantages. All manufacturers can be selected according to product requirements, suitable for product extruder.

  Because of the single-Screw Barrel extruder manufacturing, high precision requirements, processing more difficult, and the requirements of the material is relatively high, so in China, single Screw Barrel extruder to promote the use of more than twin Screw Barrel extruder, Surface is also relatively narrow, manufacturers are relatively small. At present, most of the domestic equipment is a twin Screw Barrel extruder. In recent years, the production of single-Screw Barrel extruder manufacturers increased equipment production capacity has increased, there is a large-scale development of equipment to the trend.

  The difference is:

  1, the price: single Screw Barrel extruder structure is simple, low price; twin Screw Barrel structure is complex, high prices

  2, plasticizing capacity: single Screw Barrel for polymer plastic extrusion, suitable for pellet extrusion processing. The shear degradation of the polymer is small, but the material in the extruder to stay a long time; twin Screw Barrel has a good mixing plasticizing capacity, the material in the extruder to stay short time, suitable for powder processing.

  3, processing capacity and energy consumption: twin-Screw Barrel extruder production, extrusion speed, low energy consumption per unit of production, while the single Screw Barrel difference.

  4, operational aspects: single Screw Barrel easy to operate, process control is simple; twin Screw Barrel operation is relatively complex, process control requirements are higher.