Cone Twin Screw Barrel Has Become A Rising Star In The Industry

Cone Twin Screw Barrel Has Become A Rising Star In The Industry

Date:Nov 01, 2017

Cone-shaped twin-screw Barrel with "modular" principle, can be arbitrarily combined unit length to diameter ratio, the form of internal spline, the whole screw can be a variety of specifications "Lo" and "kneading block" components according to different needs at random combination.

Cone-shaped twin-screw in the use of a flexible embodiment of the flexible, the economy, through the perfect combination of screw components in the work can be achieved on the material transport, compression, exhaust, plastic, decentralized, self-cleaning and uniform discharge effect The Products undergo rigorous testing to ensure the accuracy of processing. Cone Twin Screw Barrel has advanced processing equipment and technology, with the processing of various types of threaded components of the ability, is a suitable for all types of PVC powder extrusion molding of special equipment. Equipped with different molds and auxiliary equipment can produce all kinds of PVC plastic pipe, profile, sheet, sheet, bar and granulation.

Cone Twin Screw Barrel with a special cooling system, heat special design, temperature control accuracy of up to ± 1 °. According to the user's different formula requirements, the most reasonable structure of the barrel screw, in order to achieve the best plastic state and logistics quality. Cone-shaped twin-screw through high-precision CNC screw milling machine processing, to ensure that each similar extruder equipment extrusion performance is highly consistent, the first to introduce the international first variable pitch, variable depth screw technology, the logistics in the screw shear, Softer and closer to the actual needs.

Cone-shaped twin-screw through the nitriding treatment, electroplating hard chrome layer, high-frequency quenching, spraying alloy and inlaid high hardness wear-resistant alloy, thereby improving the service life of the barrel screw, gear box special design, bearing extra Germany imported, durable and durable life, can withstand greater extrusion pressure. Cone-shaped twin-screw system to maximize the use of imported components, and has a number of fault alarm function, less troubleshooting quickly.

The conical Twin Screw Barrel is cooled by an oil cooling system, and the barrel is cooled by a special air cooling system. The system is controlled by Siemens PLC. Distribution box special design, thrust bearing extra large, imported bearings imported, high transmission life, can withstand greater pressure to squeeze. Cone Twin Screw Barrel system to maximize the use of imported original, and has a number of fault alarm function, less failure, easy to exclude. Cooling system design special, heat area is particularly large, rapid cooling.

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