Dinghai Jinsheng Bimetallic Screw Barrel

Zhoushan Dinghai Jinsheng Company combines scientific research development, production and business operation and business property as a whole. It is a professional producer of various types screw rods for cylinders of rubber screw and injection molding machines. It is also able to customize specific products according to the users' requirements and serve its users with designing of sample preparation. 

Our Service

According to different raw materials and products the screw can be chosen: general type, pin type, barrier type, separation type, and gas-exhausting/vented type, etc.We can manufacture all types of screws and barrels according to clients’ requirement.

Production Process

Customer Order → Product Design/Customer Drawing → Production Flow Arrangement → Material Procurement → Detecting → Blanking → Detecting → Rough Machining → Detecting → Quenching and Tempering → Detecting → Semi Finishing Machining → Detecting → Nitriding Treatment /Bimetallic Alloy Spraying Treatment → Detecting → Finish Machining → Detecting → Packing and Shipping → After-sale Service