Double Metal Cone Cylinder Screw

Double Metal Cone Cylinder Screw

Date:Sep 12, 2017

Double cone metal double cylinder by centrifugal casting alloy in the inner wall of the cylinder, casting a layer thickness of 2mm ~ 3mm alloy layer, so that the double metal alloy density and wear resistance and single hole barrel is completely consistent, solve the short service life of double cylinder cone nitride, defects do not wear.

Wc-10 tungsten carbide alloy, with high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, the hardness reached HRC60 ~ 65, than the ordinary nitride barrel long service life 5 to 8 times for PVC high calcium powder, plastic building template, pipe, sheet, profiles, wood processing, wall plate, etc. plastic.

A grade screw: screw base material using SKD61, German standard 1.8519, 1.8550, after quenching nitriding treatment, the surface hardness of the screw can reach HRC60 ~ 65, with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics.

B grade screw: the screw base material selects 38CrMoAla, the spiral edge surface is sprayed by the high temperature nickel base alloy, the surface hardness may reach HRC58 ~ 62, has the wear-resisting, the corrosion resistance characteristic.

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