Eight Maintenance Methods Of Screw Barrel

Mechanical related maintenance is a must, Screw Barrel is one of which needs more maintenance. Today I want to talk about eight kinds of maintenance methods for screw cylinder.

1.Every time more than half an hour is stopped, it is better to close the blanking mouth and clean the inner material of the barrel, and set the heat preservation.


2.avoid the phenomenon of screw air rotation, skidding and so on.

3.Avoid mixing POM and PVC into the barrel at the same time, and the reaction will cause serious industrial accidents at the melting temperature.

4.When new plastics are used, the residual material of the barrel should be cleaned. Use POM, PVC, PA+GF and other materials to reduce the degradation of raw materials as far as possible. After shutting down, it can be washed with ABS and other water materials in time.

5.when melting plastic temperature is normal, but constantly found black or discoloration of molten plastic, we should check whether the rubber screw check ring seat (rubber apron or meson) is damaged.

6.Do not start the machine when the barrel does not reach the pre adjustment temperature. The new electric heating generally requires the temperature to reach the set value 30 minutes after the operation of the screw;

7.when using anti - saliva, it is necessary to make sure that the plastic completely melt in the barrel so as to prevent the damage of the transmission system parts when the screw is back.

8.avoid foreign objects falling into the material cylinder to damage the screw and the barrel. To prevent metal debris and debris from falling into the hopper, a magnetic hopper should be added to prevent the iron scraps from entering the barrel if the material is processed.