Extruder Screw Barrel Suddenly Does Not Turn The Reason

  Extruder Screw Barrel suddenly does not turn the reason

  In the extrusion process, there may be Extruder Screw Barrel suddenly stuck does not turn the phenomenon. At this point, if the extruder protection device does not play a role, the operator should immediately stop. More is the screw can also turn, but the speed slowed down, Extruder Screw Barrel while the emergence of harsh metal scraping the sound, the current rose sharply, then the operator should immediately stop.

  The reason for this is:

  1: foreign body into the barrel, stuck screw, Extruder Screw Barrel if it is iron metal foreign body, the screw and the barrel will cause great damage

  2: screw or barrel deformation

  3: the barrel temperature is too low, or the filter plate is blocked, causing the barrel pressure rises sharply, resulting in screw deformation

  4: screw, barrel design is unreasonable, Extruder Screw Barrel prone to the situation is the screw design compression ratio is too large, in the use of screw deformation. '

  5: The thermal expansion coefficient of the material used for the barrel and the screw is too large. Extruder Screw Barrel When the heating is heated, the barrel is cooled and the screw may be locked if it is not cooled.