Four Useful Ways Improve Injection Mould Screw Wear(1)

According to the investigate,injection mould  screw barrel works on condition of high temperature,high mechanical torque and high friction environment.The wear result from the process conditions can not be avoid.If the reason ignored,do not try to minimize wear, will greatly reduce the working life of the screw.

Injection Molding Screw Barrel.jpg

What’s the reason can china injection mould  screw barrel cause wear?

Each plastic has an plasticizing temperature range,you need to control the screw manufacturing temperature,make it closer to temperature range .When granular plastic from the hopper into the barrel, which reach thefeeding section at first ,of course,dry friction must to be seen in feeding zone.When these plastic lack ofheat and heat uneven is easy to make the inner surface of the cylinder and the screw surface wear.Meanwhile,in the compression and the homogenizing section, if the molten state of the plastic is not balanced, it will also increase the wearand tear.What’s more,speed should be adjusted properly.

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