Four Useful Ways Improve Injection Mould Screw Wear(2)

Due to partly plastic added with reinforcer,such as glass fiber, mineral or other filler.These materials are often much more resistant to metal materials than molten plastics.When molding there plastic ,if use the high speed,while increasing the shear force on the plastic, it will also strengthen the corresponding increase in the number of torn fibers,the torn fibers contain sharp ends, resulting in increased wear resistance.Inorganic minerals in the surface of the metal sliding at high speed, the scraping effect is not small. So injection mould screw barrel manufacturer remind us the speed should not be too high.

injection mould screw.jpg

Examine the impurity in plastic .In general,the fresh plastic original purchase without any debris,but during transport ,weighing ,making dry and mixed with color ,especially,addition of recycled material,which is probably contains sundries,as similiar as a metal chip,as big as a heating ring nut clip,even clusters of warehouse keys, mixed into the barrel had happened.Therefore,the damage to injection mould screw is obvious,meanwhile,china injection mould screw barrel will damaged to a certain degree.

Therefore,you have to install a magnet frame, strict investment management and monitoring of material.

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