Four Useful Ways Improve Injection Mould Screw Wear(3)

Sometimes,moisture in plastics is damage to injection mould screw barrel surface .If not remove ,before plastic injection molding,the water left felw into the screw compression section,forming the steam particles with high temperature,which formed in the molten plastic with the advancement of the bimetallic screw barrel in the injection process, from the homogenizing section to the screw head.these steam particle,in the process of ejection pressure relief expansion.There are many fine particles such as impurities, resulting in the friction and destruction of the wall.Besides,specialized for some  kinds of plastic.

Bimetallic Screw Barrel.jpg

Besides,for certain types of plastics,on the condition of high temperature,water probably turn to a catalyzer ,in order to promote plastic cracking,producing the harmful impurities on the surface of metal,china bimetallic screw barrel manufacturer recommand that make dry before the plastic injection mouling  is important,not only have a direct relationship to the quality of the workpiece, but also affect the working lifeof the screw.

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