How Does The Maintenance And Repair Of The Screw Barrel Work?

How Does The Maintenance And Repair Of The Screw Barrel Work?

Date:Nov 01, 2017

① does not allow free empty start Screw Barrel rotation. Drive before the car check? Test run should be low-speed start, turn the shorter the better (not more than 2 ~ 3min, such as check all normal, should immediately stop.

② before driving the heating, constant temperature must ensure that the temperature to reach the temperature after the temperature should be no less than 1 ~ 2h. This avoids the material during plasticization due to uneven temperature and increase the working torque of the Screw Barrel.

③ shift should be carefully read the work of the Screw Barrel rotation is normal, found abnormal sound should immediately stop, report the relevant personnel seized? , Troubleshooting.

④ Remove the Screw Barrel when using a special tool to disassemble, not allowed to use heavy hammer hit. Disassembly order:

a. Remove the connection between the nozzle and the nozzle barrel;

b. separating the Screw Barrel rear key connection portion from the drive shaft;

c. Remove the connecting flange, push the Screw Barrel forward;

d. When the Screw Barrel head is exposed to the barrel, remove the Screw Barrel head connection thread (where the thread is generally mostly left);

e. Remove the reverse ring and seal ring;

f. Remove the nozzle, reverse ring, seal ring and Screw Barrel, should immediately use hot copper brush, shovel tool to clean up the various parts of the residue. Special difficult to clean the sticky material should be heated in the oven to soften and then clean up.

⑤ in the Screw Barrel on the assembly of the parts together, the threaded connection parts to be coated with molybdenum disulfide heat-resistant grease to facilitate the next demolition.

⑥ temporarily do not use the Screw Barrel surface to be coated with protective oil pack, hanging in the ventilation safety.

2) Repair of the Screw Barrel.

① the working surface of the Screw Barrel has a slight wear or scratches, to use Whetstone or fine sand cloth grinding repair site.

② Screw Barrel work surface with more serious wear or scar groove, should check? Analyze the cause of the wear and tear of the Screw Barrel, and troubleshoot it to avoid a similar phenomenon again. And then on the Screw Barrel scratch groove welding repair repair.

③ for the Screw Barrel and barrel are serious damage marks, and the two with the gap is very large, should replace the Screw Barrel, the Screw Barrel thread diameter should be based on the barrel after the repair of the hole diameter of the preparation. Ensure that the barrel, Screw Barrel with the gap within the specified range.

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