How To Judge The Quality Of Single Screw Barrel

  How to judge the quality of Single Screw Barrel

  With the deepening of the understanding of the extrusion process and gradually clear and perfect, we can more in-depth understanding of the work of a Single Screw Barrel, a better evaluation of the quality of a Single Screw Barrel, the proposal can be assessed from the following aspects:

  First: plastic quality

  A Single Screw Barrel must first be able to produce products that meet the quality requirements.

  The so-called quality requirements refers to the production of products should meet the following requirements:

  1, with a variety of performance requirements. With the provisions of the physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical properties;

  2, with the apparent quality of the requirements. Such as to achieve the user on the bubble, crystal point, dyeing uniformity of the requirements of dispersion.

  3, with the requirements of the Single Screw Barrel plastic quality:

  A. The temperature of the extruded melt is uniform, the axial fluctuation, and the radial temperature difference.

  B. Is there a minimum melt temperature to be shaped?

  C. Whether the extruded melt has pressure fluctuations.

  D. Dyeing and other additives are scattered and so on.

  It should be noted that low temperature extrusion is a development trend that can improve the quality of extruded products (such as reducing internal stress, etc.), to prevent thermal decomposition of thermal materials, reduce energy consumption, reduce the burden of the main and auxiliary cooling system, improve productivity The