How To Screw The Barrel Using Technology

1, every kind of plastic, plastic has an ideal processing temperature range should be control of barrel temperature, bringing them closer to the temperature range. Granulated plastic from the hopper into the feed tube, will first reach the feeding zone, in the feeding of the inevitable dry friction occurs when these plastics lack of heat, melt irregularity, it is easy to cause the surface of the inner wall of the barrel and screw wear increases. Similarly, in the compression section and paragraph, if the disorder of the molten plastic is uneven, also resulting in increased wear.

2, the speed should be adjusted appropriately. Because some plastics enhancer, such as glass fiber, mineral or other filler. These substances on metal friction materials are often much larger than the melting plastic. At the time of injection molded plastic, if you are using high speed, raising plastic shear stress at the same time, will strengthen to create more shredded fibers, with sharp ends of torn fibers, greatly increasing wear. Inorganic minerals in metal surfaces glide at high speed, scraping is not small. So speed should not be adjusted too high.