Injection Molding Machine Cylinder Is The Principle Of Use

In the rotation of the screw drive was extruded raw material to move forward, this time is composed of barrel external heating heat conduction material, and gradually reduce the volume of screw thread slot, let be driven forward by raw materials in extrusion, turning and shearing and other forces, evenly mixing, plasticizing melt into state, complete work on plastic plastic. The classification of the screw barrel of injection machine, the structure of the barrel is mostly divided into: integral type, sectional type, bush type, casting type and bimetallic layer type cylinder. The whole machine cylinder: in the injection molding machine and extruder and other applications most of the whole machine cylinder, especially small and medium-sized models, basically use this structure form. The barrel is generally used for 38CrMoALA. Moreover, the temperature control is accurate and easy, and the machining accuracy is also easy to guarantee. Segmented cylinder: mainly used in larger size extruder and exhaust extruder. Due to the total length of the machine barrel is divided into several sections, so that each machine barrel machining is more convenient, heating and cooling the temperature control, the error is relatively large. Rubber screw barrel classification machine cylinder is generally designed as an integral type, and now it is seldom used multi stage combination barrel. Send the theory in solids, has talked about how to increase the solid conveying capacity, mainly from the structural analysis of technical parameters of a reasonable way to choose the screw, but improve the solid transportation capacity is not significant, the efficiency is only 20%-40%