Injection Molding Machine Screw Barrel Parts Nozzle Form

Injection molding machine screw barrel parts nozzle form

Injection molding machine screw barrel includes: screw and barrel, flange, nozzle ring, laminate, laminate, laminate meson

Nozzle is attached transition part of the barrel and die. When injected melt in barrel of the screw, driven by high and fast movement flowing through the nozzle into the mold. Spray nozzle structure, size and manufacturing precision will be impact melt pressure loss, temperature fluctuation, the range of distance, pros and cons of feeding effect, and whether the "drooling".

Nozzle type:

1, self-locking nozzle

2, color mixing nozzle

3, straight-through the nozzle

4, mother and son nozzle

5, long nozzle

6, short nozzle

7, one-piece flange nozzle