Innovative Technology Trends In Twin Screw Barrel

Innovative Technology Trends In Twin Screw Barrel

Date:Jul 13, 2017

  Innovative Technology Trends in Twin Screw Barrel

  Twin-screw market innovation technology trends: twin-screw processing technology has become a widely used plastic processing industry, a means of processing, the corresponding competition is also extremely fierce. How in the fierce competition in an invincible position? Different suppliers have launched their own unique innovative technology to win the market. High-speed, high-yield high-speed, high efficiency, energy saving has been in recent years, the international plastics machinery to improve the main theme. High speed and high yields allow investors to get high returns at a lower cost. However, the high speed of the screw speed to bring a series of problems to be solved: Twin Screw Barrel If the material in the screw stay short time, easy to cause uneven mixing of materials mixing; excessive shear may cause material rapid warming and thermal decomposition; may occur Extrusion stability problems; the need for high-performance auxiliary equipment and precision control system with the matching; screw and barrel wear problems and slowdown gearbox design issues. Twin Screw Barrel Therefore, for high-speed possible problems to provide solutions, is the twin screw supplier technology innovation is one of the important direction. Effect of screw speed on screw quality of injection molding machine

  A, the screw rotation speed directly affects the plastic in the spiral groove of the shear;

  B, small screw groove shallow absorption of heat quickly enough to promote the plastic in the compression time softening, screw and cylinder wall between the friction heat is low, Twin Screw Barrel suitable for high-speed rotation, increase the plasticizing capacity;

  C, large screw is not fast rotation, so as to avoid uneven plastic and cause excessive friction heat;

  D, the higher heat sensitivity of the plastic, screw speed is too large, Twin Screw Barrel then the plastic will be easy to break down;

  E, usually the size of the screw has a certain speed range, the general speed of 100'150rpm; too low can not melt plastic, too high will be plastic charred.

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