Plastic Extruder, Screw, Custom Processing, Refurbishment


Technical indicators:

The material is made of high-quality 38 chromium molybdenum aluminum (38CrMOALA)

Hardening Hardness: HB240°~280°

Nitriding Hardness: HV850°~1000°

Nitriding depth: 0.45 ~ 0.7mm

Nitriding brittleness: ≤ two

Surface roughness: Ra0.4

Straightness of screw: 0.015mm

Hard chrome plating after nitriding: ≥900HV

Chrome plating thickness: 0.05 to 0.10mm

Double alloy hardness: HRC56°~65° (nickel base alloy used)

Alloy depth: 0.8~2.0mm

Zhoushan Dinghai Jinsheng Bimetal Plastic Machinery Manufactory specializes in the production of single- and twin-screw plastic machinery and its associated cylinders and accessories. Strong technical force, and equipped with advanced special equipment and strict testing methods. The product materials are first made of high-quality alloy structural steel 38CrMoAlA, refined by quenching, forming, qualitative, nitriding (or spray welding double alloy), fine grinding, polishing and other processes, so that our products have good wear resistance, resistance The advantages of corrosion and longer service life are the preferred products to replace imported screws. At the same time, in order to meet the different needs of the majority of users, the factory also provides screw and barrel remodeling design and real sample mapping, and can use dual alloy powder repair technology to repair worn screw and barrel.

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