Rubber Screw Barrel Wide Range Of Applications

Rubber extruder is one of the mechanical equipment in the rubber machinery industry, which has a wide variety of widely used, not only is a wide range of rubber extruder, its screw, that is, rubber extruder screw type is also a lot of, including cold feed extruder screw, convergent main auxiliary composite thread cold feed extruder screw, rod pin type cold feed extruder screw, Barrel PIN type cold feed extruder screw, barrel pin type cold feed extruder screw, separating pin cold feed extruder screw, hot feed cylindrical screw and hot feed conical screw, etc., with main auxiliary compound thread.

The rubber extruder screw includes the plastic compress section, the exhaust section, the adjustment compression section and so on these several parts, has played the very big role in the daily production work. You know what? In fact, in the rubber extruder screw also designed a waterway, this is to do the benefits can play a role in regulating production.

Domestic rubber extruder screw a wide variety, and most of them are 38Crmoal of the snail, but if the process in the nitriding there are many details of the division, which is also decided to screw the quality of the difference. Because of the large production ratio of rubber extruder, the loss of screw of rubber extruder is larger, so the requirement of rubber extruder screw is also higher.

There are many kinds of rubber machinery and equipment, for most of the rubber machinery and equipment, screw and barrel are their important components, in the process of machine operation has a very important role, and in the long use process, screw and barrel will inevitably appear some small problems, then, what is the cause of screw and barrel damage? Now let's take a look at the reasons.

During the normal rotation of the screw, materials will be with the screw and barrel friction, in the long time friction accumulation, screw and barrel work surface will gradually be worn, so that the diameter of the screw is gradually reduced, the diameter of the barrel hole gradually increased, wear will become larger. However, because the resistance of the front nose and the shunt plate of the barrel has not changed, will make the extruded material forward when the flow is increasing, so that the extruder production decline, the result is that the increase in the material in the barrel of time, resulting in material decomposition, if it is polyethylene, The decomposition of hydrogen chloride gas will strengthen the screw and barrel corrosion, if the material contains calcium carbonate and glass fiber filler materials, but also to further accelerate the screw and barrel wear degree.

In addition to the above reasons, if in the material into some of the metal and other sundries, this is more lethal to the screw and barrel damage, so in the normal operation of the time, must be carefully inspected to prevent the screw is metal and other debris damage.