Rubber Screw BarrelWide Range Of Applications

Rubber Screw BarrelWide Range Of Applications

Date:Aug 30, 2017

Rubber extruder is one of the rubber machinery industry machinery and equipment, its wide range, widely used, not only a wide range of rubber extruder, the screw, that is, rubber extruder screw type is also a lot, including cold feed Extruder Screws, Convergent Primary and Secondary Composite Screws Cold Feed Extruder Screws, Rods Pin Type Cold Feed Extruder Screws, Sleeve Pin Type Cold Feed Extruder Screws, Covers with Main and Secondary Threads Pin-type cold feed extruder screw, separate pin cold feed extruder screw, hot feed cylindrical screw and hot feed cone screw.

Rubber extruder screw, including rubber compression section, exhaust section, adjust the compression section of these parts, in the daily production work has played a very big role. Do you know? In fact, rubber extruder screw is also designed in the waterway, which has to do the benefits can play a role in regulating production.

Domestic rubber extruder screw a wide range, and most of them are 38Crmoal snail, but if there is a lot of details in the process of nitriding division, which is to determine the quality of the screw is not the same. As the rubber extruder production is relatively large, so the rubber extruder screw loss is large, so the requirements of the rubber extruder screw is also relatively high.

During the normal rotation of the screw, the material will friction with the screw and the barrel. Under the long friction accumulation, the working surface of the screw and the barrel will gradually be worn, so that the diameter of the screw will be gradually reduced. The diameter gradually increased, wear will be more and more. However, since the resistance of the head and the manifold in front of the barrel does not change, the flow rate of the extruded material is increased, resulting in a decrease in the throughput of the extruder. The result of this phenomenon is that the material If the material contains calcium carbonate and glass fiber filler, but also to further speed up the screw And the degree of wear of the barrel.

In addition to the above reasons, if the material into some of the metal and other debris, which is hurt with the screw and barrel is fatal, so in the normal operation, be sure to conduct a careful inspection to prevent The screw is damaged by metal and other debris.

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