Screw Barrel Cleaning Method

Screw barrel cleaning method 

(1)By barrel cleaning agent Replaced more frequently if injection products with raw materials or residues in the barrel with plasticizing temperature difference of change, in order to save raw materials and improve efficiency, barrel cleaning agent is more economical. Special cleaning agent is a rubber-like material, high temperatures in the barrel does not melt, soften the glue in the Groove of the thread of the screw, screw in the screw slot salvage can be taken away when you move in, the barrel can be cleaned up. 

(2) by changing the feed-through method New plastic raw materials if you are in the temperature range above the barrel of scrap plastic temperature range, barrel heating and nozzle to the new raw materials of low plasticizing temperature, then add the new refueling and air injection for continuous until no residues in the barrel. If scrap plastic in the barrel temperature range above to replace the plastic temperature range, it should first be heated barrel to barrel of scrap plastic temperature range, clear of the salvage. Regrind can be added after cleaning, the last new material production, if the product is high, few die before the new material can be used for scrap.