Single Screw Barrel As A Common Extruder Equipment

  Single Screw Barrel as a common extruder equipment, used in the plastic processing industry, but at present in China are mainly high-power, if not energy-saving type, it will consume a lot of resources, but in fact, in the process of operation, master some skills, you can do electricity.

  Single Screw Barrel in the start-up heating process is the temperature of several sections at the same time opened to start heating, of course this method is also more commonly used, but this will often be in the screw temperature to reach a certain index, the mold head temperature has not reached (mold head of this piece of steel thicker, larger area), so everyone in this case is generally on the screw insulation, and then die head temperature slowly up to the setting temperature before starting to start, this is the most power-saving.

  Of course, there is also a need to pay attention to, in the heating boot this process in fact a simple heating can help you save a lot of electricity, in a few heating section at the same time heating, when the temperature of the screw to set the temperature when you start to remember the time, and then wait until the mold temperature to set the temperature to remember the time again, there is a time gap, that is, the screw reached the set temperature and the mold head reached the set temperature between the time gap is how many minutes? Find out the time difference, the next time you turn on the number of times in advance so long for the die first heating, to achieve this time lag and then open the screw heating, this can also save electricity.