Single Screw Barrel Use Of High Efficiency Analysis

  Single Screw Barrel use of high efficiency analysis

  The use of Single Screw Barrel in the continuous improvement of air compressor equipment - Single Screw Barrel air compressor with high capacity compression components, the rotor cylindrical speed is low and to achieve the best oil, to achieve high efficiency, high reliability. The latest design ensures that the system temperature and compressed air temperature is extremely low. To ensure that all components are the best cooling effect and the maximum service life.

  Single Screw Barrel drilling tool, is a drilling fluid as the driving force, the liquid pressure can be converted into mechanical energy of the volume of underground power drill. When the slurry pumped by the mud pump through the bypass valve into the motor, the motor inlet and outlet to form a certain pressure difference, to promote the rotor around the axis of the stator rotation, and the speed and torque through the universal shaft and transmission shaft to the Drill bit, in order to achieve drilling operations.

  Stainless steel Single Screw Barrel is made of 9Cr18MoV stainless steel, through the whole quenching, especially for processing PC, PMMA, PET transparent products and corrosion-resistant U-PAV, ABS, PP fire and other plastic. Completely for the end user to solve the chrome Single Screw Barrel chrome chrome off the trouble, but also to ensure that environmental protection products, is your ideal helper.

  Nitriding Single Screw Barrel processing is done through the lathe plastic mechanical Single Screw Barrel, put it into the nitriding furnace, filled with nitrogen in a certain temperature and humidity and other environments. After a certain period of nitriding, and thus the formation of a Single Screw Barrel surface layer of relatively high hardness of the nitride layer.