The Classification Of Twin Screw Extruders

The main equipment for forming rigid PVC door and window profile is twin screw extruder, auxiliary equipment has die head die, cooling and setting device, traction device, cutting device and profile stacking device. It also has raw material supply, metering feeding and automatic control device. The following is the main introduction of the classification of twin screw extruders.

Extrusion molding is one of the important molding methods of plastic forming. The main equipment of extrusion molding is the extruder and its auxiliary machine. Many classification methods such as: according to the number of extruder screw number, can be divided into non screw, single screw, twin screw and screw extruder; according to whether the exhaust can be divided into vented extruder and non vented extruder; screw press in the location of the space can be divided into horizontal extruder and vertical extrusion machine. Auxiliary machines vary with the types of products.

The twin screw Extruders can be classified as follows:

1.can be divided into non meshing, partial meshing and full Meshing Based on the meshing condition of two screw.

2.According to the rotation direction of the two screw, the direction of the two screw is the same direction or the opposite direction, which can be divided into the same direction rotation type and the hetero directional rotation type.

3.can be divided into parallel twin-screw extruders and conical twin screw extruders according to the parallel or intersecting of the axis of the two screw.

In addition, twin screw extruders can also be classified according to the two screw's opening and closing in the longitudinal and transverse direction of the spiral groove, as well as the functions of twin-screw extruders.