The Difference Between The Working Principle Of Twin Screw Barrel Extruder And Single Screw Barrel Extruder

  The Difference between the Working Principle of Twin Screw Barrel Extruder and Single Screw Barrel Extruder

  The structure and function of the twin Screw Barrel extruder are similar to those of the single Screw Barrel extruder, but there are significant differences in the working principle. Mainly in the following areas:

  1) Forced delivery. Engaging the co-rotating twin-Screw Barrel, in the direction of the two Screw Barrel in the direction of the opposite movement of the Screw Barrel, a Screw Barrel to pull the material into the meshing gap, while the other Screw Barrel to the material from the gap, the results from the material from a Screw Barrel Go to another Screw Barrel groove, the material along the Screw Barrel was "∞" shape to the direction of the head was forced delivery.

  2) homogenization and mixing. The rotation distance of the co-rotating twin Screw Barrel is very small, the speed of the rib and the groove is opposite, the relative velocity is large, so the meshing area has a high shear speed, the shear force is very large, the mixing effect is far better Screw Barrel Extruder and Rotating Twin Screw Barrel Extruder.

  3) self-cleaning. The co-rotating twin-Screw Barrel extruder has a relatively high shear rate due to the opposite direction of the speed of the ribs and the grooves in the engaging area, and can scrap any material accumulated on the Screw Barrel, Good self-cleaning effect, so that the material residence time is very short, not easy to produce local degradation deterioration.

  4) plasticization of materials. The size of the Screw Barrel gap on the material quality of a great impact. The smaller the gap, the greater the shear force, but the amount of material through the reduction; the greater the gap, the amount of material through the increase, but the shear force decreases.

  5) Material compression. The method of compressing the material with the twin-Screw Barrel extruder is much more and the combined effect is good.

  6) feeding method. The same twin-Screw Barrel extruder requires uniform dosing, using the method of measuring hunger feeding.

  7) Exhaust. Because it is hungry feeding, you can use a large lead thread conveyor components, so that the groove is not full of state and in a zero pressure state, which can be set out of the exhaust section.