The Extruder Screw Barrel Is Conveyed By The Positive Displacement Principle

Extruder Screw Barrel work, the melt in the screw head will have a very large pressure (head pressure), the pressure size is usually around 14MPA, and sometimes even up to 30MPA above, this pressure on the screw to form a strong axial thrust, Withstand the thrust is the role of retreat bearing.

The Extruder Screw Barrel has a large center distance from the two output shafts of the transmission gearbox, and the two thrustwise aligning ball bearings arranged in the gearbox are arranged to stop the two The head of the pressure formed by the axial force, which features a large carrying capacity, low cost of gear box manufacturing, maintenance is more convenient. Extruder Screw Barrel due to the two screw center distance from the small restrictions, bearing bearing capacity and its diameter size, large diameter bearing capacity, obviously with a large diameter stop bearing is not possible.

Extruder Screw Barrel with a number of small diameter stop bearing in series together to bear a strong axial force, the use of this method is the core issue of each thrust bearing must bear the same load, otherwise, to withstand large Bearings due to overload and damage in advance, it should bear the load added to the other bearings to overload, this damage to the continuity of the consequences is very serious. It can be seen that the Extruder Screw Barrel drive system structure is more complex, and cone-shaped twin-screw extruder transmission system structure compared to the gear box manufacturing costs are high, more complex maintenance.

The Extruder Screw Barrel determines the extrusion amount according to the size of the plastic cross-section, and then selects the specifications of the twin-screw extruder from the extrusion amount. In the case of plastic processing molding process conditions are basically the same, the cone-shaped twin-screw extrusion machine to adapt to the larger head pressure, parallel twin-screw extrusion machine to adapt to smaller head pressure. Extruder Screw Barrel Polymers in the Extrusion Process in the Process of Change Behavior Discipline, Shipping Principle Solid Melt Transportation Exhaust Truth and Discipline, Create Mathematical Physics Molds Used to Guide the Twin Screw Extruder to Plan and Extrude The process of optimization.

Xiaobian remind you to understand the two or more of the polymer and materials in the extrusion process of the real changes in the truth, confusion, the layout of the process of change and the end of the confusion and the relationship between the performance. As the Extruder Screw Barrel, the reaction process, rate and performance of the extruded reaction are in agreement with the connotation of the screw configuration and the operating conditions, and the mold is used to guide the reaction extrusion. Extruder Screw Barrel is the principle of positive displacement of the transport material, it can be added high viscosity or very low material and ribbon, paste, powder and so on.