The Importance Of The Screw Barrel(1)

We have emphasized many times that wholesale nitriding screw barrel is the most important part of the injection moulds.During the production ,plastic cement raw materials from the tail into the injection molding machine cylinder,from the head of injection mould screw barrel injection to the cavity.During the process,the screw barrel bearing a variety of high pressure plastic and high temperature,as well as the different working temperature.

wholesale screw barrel.jpg

What’s the principle of the screw rod failure?

1)The condition of the wholesale screw barrel used

When thewholesale screw barrel used on bad condition,the temperature above 200 degrees,it should not only bear the high pressure of injection, but also bear the abrasion of the molten material and the frequent loadexpected. During the working process of the screw, it also bears great pressure and torque.

2)failure mechanism

It's also consider,screw rod failure result from the worn out is mainly cause by the ‘abrasive wear’ The plastic or packing particles between the screw and the cylinder cause the loss of material due to the force acting on the screw.

Besides,plastics and fillers at high temperature often decompose the corrosive media, the surface of the screw corrosion, corrosion products are easily taken out of plastic, resulting in the loss of materials. The interaction of wear and corrosion aggravates the failure of screw.

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