The Importance Of The Screw Barrel(2)

The factors influence the time of the screw rod used

Analysied from the sight of the failure mechanism,what mainly effect the time of using the screw rod?The technical of the injection molding screw barrel factory tells us as fellows:



3)Chromed the metal on appearance


5)Painting or spray welding on purpose of harden the alloy

6)Material selection and surface treatment for barrel

7)Materials(like plastics particle ,masterbatch performance )and operation(Speed, back pressure, etc)

alloy screw barrel made in china

How to choose?

When you choose a for injection mould,firstly ,according to the nature of the processed plastics,choose oresigned for the structure of the screw rod.Such as length to diameter ratio, compression ratio, pitch, edge width, etc.

Secondly,choose for the material and corresponding surface treatment .If the plastic process produce some strong corrosive gas.

In general.the higher temperature of the forming wholesale planetary barrel,the more firece corrosionfunction.On this condition,you need consider to choose the high corrision screws rod.In addition,if the hardness of the grain is too strong will lead to serious abrasive wear.Therefore,you need to consider to choose the high hardness screw rod.

Commonly,an ordinarry hardness alloy screw barrel made in china meet your satisfactory above two requirements,some factories has develop the nwe type of the screw rod ,both hardness and corroison performance, on the basis of beginning design.

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